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Someone once told me it takes a lot of skill and preparation to be effectively lazy.


This script is for use with EverQuest and MacroQuest2.

Cores basic design is a modular concept to deal with classes as individuals yet still pulling all the shared functions from one spot.

Since Cores inception, it has been used for single class play to 54 toon boxed raids. Extensive controls for zones, healing, burning, debuffing, combat, loot management, and lots more. (sounds like a bad meds commercial.) There is also an in-depth HUD that will tell you exactly how you can expect the class/macro to react.

Core HUD

There are no Active hacks in this script. It complies with requests set forth by the MacroQuest2 Authors/Mods.

Remember this was written for End Game boxing by a person whos toons are all maxed exp/aa. I have been known to over look things and include things some people don’t have. I don’t play every class all the time. Things will get missed. I try to keep this as free form as possible for game play. There are a shittonne of options throughout. I document them as I can. But I’m just me and I see things my way.