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Combat ‘n stuff

Combat controls, best subject ever…

There are 5 base combat modes: Melee, Range, Nuke, DoT, Heal.

The first 4 are self explanatory (if not, I’m not sure I can help). Heal is a little different. It is explained below and its own section. All modes can and will work together fine. If using more then one, Melee is initiated first (or range depending on distance). Then DoTs are fired, then Nukes.


(on/off) or [on|off]
Sets the toon for melee routines.

(on/off) or [on|off]
Sets the toon for range routines.

If melee is disabled, the toon will move away from combat to roughly 35 paces from the MA target and start range combat.
If melee and range are enabled, the character will swap modes appropriately given the distance of the target.

(on/off) or [on|off]
Sets the toon for nuke routines.
/admin list nuke to see what nukes are loaded in the database.

(on/off) or [on|off]
Sets the toon for dot routines.
/admin list dot to see what dots are loaded in the database.

(on/off) or [on|off]
Sets the toon for heal routines.

Heal, if enabled, functions both inside and outside of combat. Heal does not require and assist to be set.

NOTE: heal maintains its own section for more detail.

Force isn’t really a combat mode. It is a way to make the toon just simply wait for a “forceassist” command to be received.

The remaining /cc commands control the various aspects of how combat is handled.


Saferadius creates a fake safe area. Mobs inside this will not be considered in combat for many functions.

Targets health to engage when using smart assist.

Z-Axis Radius to engage a valid target.

Targets health % to stop nuking.

[1,99]% set auto rest.
to disable, set to 0.

(on/off) or [on|off]
Use the class alliance as best as it can given the triggers needed.


Use circle of power, health or mana clickies.

Range how close you will get to the mob for melee. 15 is usually good. 13 is good for rogues.

Health to engage the MA1 or MA2 target.

Character will attempt to fade in order to hit breather while in combat.


Time in tenths of a second that you want to delay in between nukes .

(on/off) or [on|off]
Enables pulling of mobs. typically the main assists job .

(on/off) [1,600]
agro is a three way control. ON and it will try and fight for agro control of the mob. OFF is passive and will not attempt to agro any mobs.

The ## for agro is your operating universe. Things outside that range do not exist for you. You will not heal outside that range, you will not hunt for targets to kill outside it. You will not assist outside it

dotrefresh is a time in seconds you wait for a dot to get to before you try and refresh it.

0 will let the dot dissipate before you recast it.

DB entries

DB::CircleofPower = name of CoP item
DB::CircleofLife = name of CoL item
DB::CircleofMana = name of CoM item
DB::clickItem# = (1-6) click item to use on a target during combat
DB::lstNoCastWith = list of buffs on you or target you dont want to cast while having
DB::lstNoMeleeWith = list of buffs on you or target you dont want to meele while having
DB::setGTFO = spell,item,aa,disc to be use for GTFO command
DB::stoponDS = stop melee on target with DS
DB::useGlyph = the glyph you want to use during raids
DB::Breastplate# = (1-2) breastplate clickie to use with stacking swapping
DB::Breastplate#Condition = (1-2) Condition for PB useage
DB::Breastplate#effect = (1-2) BP effect to watch for on self

There are two fundamental types of assist. Smart Assist and Manual Assist. Smart works off of the group roll Group Main Assist.

Smart assist will use smartengage as its engage target %. 1,2,3 are raid assist rolls and use the same engage % as smart assist does.

Manual assist 1 and 2 are assist off specific identified people. Manual assist will use engageat as its target engage %.

Core will choose G, 1, 2, 3, MA1, MA2, in its decision order. It will default down the list if people are dead.


(on/off) or [on|off]
Group assists target. This is based off the Group Roll: Group Assist. IF you do not have that roll set, smart assist will not work.

(on/off) or [on|off]
Raid 1 assists target

(on/off) or [on|off]
Raid 2 assists target

(on/off) or [on|off]
Raid 3 assists target

Manual Assist 1 toon

Manual Assist 2 toon

Will wait for a force assist command from another toon

Burn controls can work in any combination. You can have your toon burn on a mob count in your range, on a named and even forced if you’re bored enough.


(on/off) or [on|off]
Burns when a Named is the target.

Mobs in agro range to auto burn on. So, if you set this to say 4, and 4 mobs inter your agro range, you will start your burn routines on that toon.

[1,99]% of targets health
Start automatic burn on Named Mobs

(on/off) or [on|off]
Always Burns.

(on/off) or [on|off]
Use burns while in raids.. or not. I don’t care.

DB entries

DB::clickItemBurn# = (1-6) click item to use on a target during a burn