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Zone Control

In order to control the zone you are in, Core maintains several lists to help identify how to handle specific mobs.

/lc [safezone .. remove .. exclude .. name .. nomez .. nocast .. range .. nomelee .. nomagic .. nodisease .. nofire .. nopoison .. nocold .. nocorruption .. huntmob]

The trick to zone lists, is they must be updated while you are in the zone. Any time you use /lc, it is for the zone you are currently in.

All zone changes are broadcasted to all characters you have in that zone as well. So, update one, you update them all.

To use, target the mob and issue the command. For example you want to exclude a mob in a zone from combat. target mob and do /lc exclude. That will add the mob to the exclude list. you MUST target a mob to use the list controls. This is due to the messed up way EQ names some mobs.


Marks a zone as safe, like your guildhall, PoK, PoT, places where you will not get any grief from NPCs. An enabled SafeZone will shut off all but forced combat in that zone.

Removes the targeted mob from EVERY listing in that zone.

Will mark a target as completely ignore for all combat routines.

Sets the target as a named mob for burn routine purposes.

Prevents mezzers from trying to mez the target.

Marks as zero casting on a target.

Marks target as range only combat. If the character has no ranged combat abilities, they will place thumb in but and wait.

Marks the target as no physical combat. Pets will still be sent in but toons will do anything they can to avoid /attack.

No casting at all on the target.

No disease spells on the target

No fire spells on the target

No poison spells on the target

No cold spells on the target

No corruption spells on the target

The huntmob sets the priority list for mobs you want to kill in a zone while using /mode hunt. Core will watch a zone for the first mob in a list and kill all of those, when they are gone, it will go to the second mob in a list, and so on.

DB entries

DB::swDelayZoning = T/F adds a short delay to script while zoning

Core validates your current zone on every zoning event as well as a 30 second timer.

Any change made to a zone by onr character will be updated by all characters. /lc is a broadcasted command.