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Cursor and Loot

All loot is controlled with /cursor and core.loot.ini located in the data folder.

Anything passing your cursor while the toon is in Automatic, will get added to the loot file as Keep by default. If the character is the master looter, everything it touches in the advloot window will be added as Keep by default.

Items the character crosses that are Lore will be set to Ignore.

All loot items are recorded in data/core.loot.ini.


(on/off) or [on|off]

Applies anything on your cursor to the core.loot.ini file.

Tells you what the item on your cursor is set for in loot.ini file.

Mark item on cursor as Sell in loot.ini file

Mark item on cursor as Keep in loot.ini file
NOTE: this is the default setting for all NEW non lore items Core encounters.

Mark item on cursor as Destroy in loot.ini file

Sets item on cursor to Announce in loot.ini. Toon will announce when they find this item. The item will be lefton the corpse.

List controls will ignore this item completely.

Mark item on cursor as Leave in loot.ini file

DB entries

DB::autoInventoryItem = list of anything you want to go into inventory as fast as possible

Mass selling and buying is supported.

/sell ‘ITEMNAME’ .. ‘loot’ for ITEMNAME to sell marked all “Sell” in loot.ini

/buy ‘ITEMNAME’ [##]