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Core controls each class on its’ own merits while pulling shared functions from a central source. Each one has a customized DPS and burn routines designed to maximize the classes usefulness.

Each class has its own control section: a / and shortname of the class, like /war. Executing the command without any options will list what is available and how they are set.

General Controls for classes: (no one in specific)

All Classes
/?? [option]

ae – # mobs in area to start AE things
defcount – # mobs in area to start defensive line
spiregroup # of spire for group burns
spireraid – # of spire for raid burns

Most Classes
/?? [option]

rod – use mod rods

DB entries for all classes..

DB::switchAAFade = T/F use AA Fade
DB::useAAFadePct = %## of HP to use AA Fade
DB::defCount = # mobs in immediate range to start a defensive line
DB::AEMelee = # mobs in immediate range to start using AE things
DB::lineMitigation =
DB::lineMitigationchk =
DB::spireRaid = # of the AA Spire you want to use in Raids on Burns
DB::spireGroup = # of the AA Spire you want to use in Groups on Burns
DB::clickOddItem# = (1-4) things you want to click, not important things, out of combat

Common Sense entries. Warriors dont use nukes.. seriously..

DB::Nuke# = (1-8) name of Nuke to cast
DB::Nuke#Condition = (1-8) condition for Nuke
DB::DoT# = (1-8) name of DoT to cast
DB::DoT#chk = (1-8) name of the DoT to watch for on the target
DB::DoT#Condition = (1-8) condition for DoT