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/dru [option]

groupheal – (on/off) group Heals
healpoint – [1,99]% sets the start healpoint for the class of the targeted PC or Pet
rampage – [TARGET] will mark your target as the rampage tank and will NOT heal them
xttime – [1,50]m time in min to refresh XT Healing window.

DB entries

DB::DRUAlliance = alliance spell
DB::RampageTank =
DB::debuffRo =
DB::ProtectOutsideGroup = list of XTarget people you want to heal outside your group
DB::ProtectInsideRaid = list of XTarget specific people you want to protect inside a riad
DB::ProtectNPCList = list of XTarget NPCs you want to heal
DB::useGroupHeal = name of group heal you want to be using
DB::useGroupHoT = name of group Heal over Time you want to be using
DB::healPanic = name of panic heal (the ones that heal more the more you are hurt kind of spell)
DB::healRejuvilation =
DB::healAdrenaline =
DB::healSanavida =
DB::healWholeGroup =
DB::switchGrowth =
DB::spellGrowth =
DB::spellGrowthToon =