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The Start

Plugin Requirements

MQ2Nav – Included in Builder and RG VV
MQ2SQLite – Included in Builder and RG VV
MQ2DanNet – .. commands
MQ2MoveUtils – Included in Builder and RG VV

How to Install

The code for Core is maintained on RedGuides.

The correct path for the install is: <MQ folder>\Macros\TC

Inside the TC folder will be 2 more folders: Data and Scripts.
<MQ folder>\Macros\TC\data
<MQ folder>\Macros\TC\script
You may have to add the Data folder. All files created by Core will go into the Data folder. its best you back it up once in a while. If you don’t back your shit up, don’t tell me. The Script folder contains files necessary for initial database and character generation.

Starting up a Character

So, if this is your first character on Core, this is my advice. Take a class you are familiar with and start there. Once you learn the basics behind operation of one class, you should be familiar enough to do them all.

To start the mac: /mac TC\core.mac

The initial database creation can take a min or so. Once the database is created and validated, the MQ window will respond with Ready.

Your first character is ready for fine tuning.