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Please read everything below. Then.. Read it again. If, after the second go through, you have questions, feel free to ask.

Plugins Required: MQ2MoveUtils, MQ2DanNet, MQ2SQLite, MQ2Nav(MQ2Map)

HUDUPDATE means you need to do a /hc delete then a /hc update to make needed changes to the MQ2Hud.INI

— file structure
i’ve added 2 folders.
data: all data generated by core. i will not be placing anything into this folder. core will generate the files here. backup as you see fit, or don’t.
script: files use to aid database or character generation. these files are fair game, i will be overwriting them if i need

BETA (currently working on)
centralized the following: spellCripple, swModRod, switchAAFade, useAAFadePct, setSnare, DOTs, Nukes

— corrections to the /environment command for broadcasted updates

BETA 0707.01
— had an error pointed out to me in the target acquisition sub. not an error anymore.

— fixed a bug in /lc [remove] when no target was selected it would wipe the entire zoneshortname in the DB

— mem_spell()
small adjustment to sitting and checking that the mem process has started

— /movement
gather and goto (/navto) will halt pulling and home while in progress and reestablish once the movement is complete

— pulling
base pulling should not release to run to the mob anymore unless /cc range is enabled. then it should range. i hope, cause its irritating

— sql_update()
the one off update command for all the sql changes core uses had a bug. i was improperly accounting for successful/or not returns
when checking a valid field and value. null sql values were showing a false positive thinking it didn’t need to update.
i had a long chat with the function and it has agreed to cooperate in the future. i also gave it a generous pay raise.
as a side note, the chanter was generating the DB::AEMelee field with a null value. so it wasnt updating with the /enc ae # control

— lot more debug adjustments.. like a LOT