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/clr [option]

aggressive – (on/off) on=cleric leads with introvention. off=lead with remedy/renewals
arbitrate – (on/off) use AA Arbitration and Epic
divinerez – enable divine rez on clerics
forcegroupheal – (on/off) forces cleric to use group heals only
groupheal – (on/off) use group Heal
grouphot – (on/off) use group Heal Over Time
healpoint – [1,99]% sets the start healpoint for the class of the targeted PC or Pet (mercs are treated as their class)
issuance – # mobs in area to use issuance
rampage – [TARGET] will mark your target as the rampage tank and will NOT heal them
regen – forces a MGB celestial regen
retort – (on/off) use retorts on DB::spellRetortToon
splash – # mobs to use splash heal
vp – (on/off) use of Veturika’s Perseverance
vp – [1,99]% set Veturika’s Perseverance use at %
xtclass – submenu to set what classes to add to xtarget healing
xttime – [1,50] time in min to refresh XT target window
yaulp – (on/off) use yaulp [priority: spell (if set), Donal’s Helm, AA]

DB entries

DB::CLRAlliance = alliance spell
DB::BreastplateHeal = Name of BP click to heal with
DB::BreastplateHealCondition = Condition for BP healing
DB::DivineRezCleric = use divine rez on other clerics (including yourself)
DB::ProtectOutsideGroup = |list|of|XTarget|people|you|want|to|heal|outside|your|group
DB::ProtectInsideRaid = |list|of|XTarget|people|you|want|to|protect|inside|a|riad
DB::ProtectNPCList = |list|of|XTarget|NPCs|you|want|to|protect
DB::useGroupHeal = name of group heal you want to be using
DB::useGroupHoT = name of group Heal over Time you want to be using
DB::healPanic = name of panic heal (the ones that heal more the more you are hurt kind of spell)
DB::setDivinetoGroupHeal = use a group heal right after an arbitration
DB::healWholeGroup = name of group heal spell
DB::healWholeGroup2 = name of group heal spell, for forced group healing
DB::healWholeGroup3 = name of group heal spell , for forced group healing
DB::healWholeGroupHoT = group Heal Over Time spell
DB::healRemedy# = (1-3) name of remedy spell
DB::healIntervention# = (1-4) name of intervention spell
DB::healRenewal# = (1-3) name of renewal spell
DB::healHoT = name of single Heal over Time
DB::healSplash = splash spell. what did you think it would be?
DB::healWard = name of heal ward spell
DB::healWardToon = |name|to|use|heal ward|on
DB::issuanceMobCount = # of mobs in agro range when to use issuance
DB::healIssuance = name of issuance spell
DB::spellYaulp = Name of the Yaulp spell you want to keep up. IF set to FALSE and the switch is on, it will default to the AA
DB::sumWeaponSpell = name of cleric hammer spell
DB::sumWeaponItem = name of the actual cleric hammer
DB::tempPet = name of the temp hammer pet to use
DB::spellRetort = name of retort spell
DB::spellRetortToon = |name|of|the|toon|to|cast|retort|on