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The vast majority of Core operations are controlled with / commands. These commands do not require a restart of the mac, they simply take effect on execution.

Most commands can take several options. Some are toggles (on/off). Others are take numbers for ranges [1-??]. If you exceed the range allowed the code will yell at you. Some require a name [NAME] to be entered with the command while others require a [TARGET]. Some commands are broadcasted across all of your characters.

<broadcast> – command is broadcast across DanNet channel core_commnications.
[1,99] – range the setting will accept
(on/off) – toggle switch
[on|off] – forced on or off
[NAME] – requires a name to be entered with the command
[TARGET] – command requires a target

If a command option is entered incorrectly, Core will display the command and the list of options for that command. You can also just enter the base command and get a list of all options.