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I ‘fuckled’ something up?

TLP, Test and Beta
Core does work on TLP, Test and Beta. Core does not work on the Box restricted TLP servers. Don’t ask.

Can I use groups across more then one computer?
Yes. Yes you can.

my caster won't nuke!?
/cc nuke – sets the class to use nuke routines
/cc agro 60 – sets the toon to engage any mob within 60 paces
/setassist g – sets toon to assist your group assist
/core auto on – turns the toon to automatic

Long as those are set, you have the nuke loaded into the DB, you should be right as rain.

if it still gives you issues, check the database values for your nukes.

my account is silver
I’ve removed support for silver accounts. Too much to try and code around.

multiple main tanks
This is a little tricky. Core will only recognize 1 assist at a time. So, if you are using group rolls, whomever is set as the Group Assist the group will follow with a /setassist g.
This does not mean you cannot have more then 1 toon fighting for mob agro. Anyone you set to /cc agro enabled will fight for the mobs attention with whatever skills they can. If needed you can change the MA on the fly.

How does pulling work

/cc pull will set a toon to pull mode. This does not have to be the MA, realistically, it can be any class with a ranged/throwing item. The puller will try and get a mob to the group when there are none in its immediate combat range; typically 30 paces.
So, here’s the scenario. Shd, Rng, Clr, Wiz, Rog, Enc is the group make up.

SK is the MA, Rng is puller, rest are on standard jobs. Set the SK as MA and puller and reduce its agro to about ~30. This way, it will only focus on mobs close to the group. Set the Rng Agro to ~354 (or whatever space you have) and it will pull stray mobs to the group as long as the SK is not actively engaged. While the SK is engaged, the ranger will be too busy assisting to bother to try and pull anything in from outside the group.

  • Or, simply set the SK as MA and puller and give it a larger agro range and it will fetch mobs when none are close.
  • How to debug a specific thing
    The The first line of every function in core starts with a DEBUG of one type or another. Now, if the problem is not readily visible, you can turn on one of the related DEBUGS in the toons INI. However, if you think you know where the issue might be this is the fastest way to do it. Either edit the starting DEBUG line in the function to SDEBUG or add a line of code where you think the offense is like this
    SDEBUG ${whatever variables you are looking for} || ${whatever maths may be going on}
    This will give you a single line of debug for that one spot.

    If you have a need to debug farther. there is an addition to the HUD that will assist in debugging. Do the following:
    /hc update debug
    /loadhud debug
    This will give a debug HUD under the main one. If you need help deciphering it, ask.
    To get rid of the debug HUD, do /hc delete debug



    So, I’ve been seeing a lot of the same questions.
    Going to try and head some of them off.

    auto pulling
    Auto pulling promotes AFK playing. A serious No-No.. /cc pull enabled is limited to the max allowable range of /cc agro which is 400. Anything beyond that and the mob will be ignored. Core has nothing in it beyond a couple pre-set #events to support MQ2advpath auto path routines. /mode scorch does not pull mobs, you go to them. In short, any automatic pulling is limited to your camp area.