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Core supports several different types of pulling.

Pulling can be done with a bow, a clicky, spell, disc, aa. The range of allowable targets is controlled with the characters agro range. Core will tag a mob, with whatever method you happen to be using, get it to camp. Kill it and any friends it brought along then go get another. Please keep in mind, the puller will be relentless, it will not stop till you tell it to or there is nothing left to pull.

/cc pull (on/off)
/cc pull [base .. calm .. int .. multi .. nav .. pet]
/cc agro ## [1-600]

The “tag” order for pulling is: spell, item, disc, aa, bow. If all you are using is a bow, that’s just fine. Core will use the first in that order it finds.

base pulling: This is the “stock” method of pulling in Core

This method will let the puller pull anything around him that is in LoS with whatever ranged tag method you choose. The puller will NOT go get mobs and bring them back to camp. This is a completely stationary pull method.

int pulling: This is a bastardized form of Cleric/Shaman Intervention pulling.

This allows the puller to request an intervention heal from the healer thus nuking the pullers current target. This is a completely stationary pull method.
The healer will need at least one Intervention spell memed and established in the DB for this to function. Also, you are limited to the nuke range on the heal, ~370 paces for a current raid geared cleric.

pet pulling: If you try to make this work without a pet class no one here can help you.

Pet pulling will run a pet class fairly close of the nearest mob, send the pet in to piss it off then run like hell back to the place it started from with the pet in tow. This method requires a valid MQ2Nav path to the target.

nav pulling: This is prob what you would expect a normal pull method to be.

Nav will go out, smack a mob and bring it back to camp. The puller, whatever class you set it on, will go up to a mob, tag it, and bring it back to the camp for tea and friendly conversation. This method requires a valid MQ2Nav path to the target.



multi pulling: The best of “several” worlds!

Multi pulling can be a little tricky as the multi puller will also guard the camp you are at and pull close mobs. Also, the person that is multi pulling will set the other classes that are sent to fetch mobs back to camp.

So, you set multi pull on a character, say your tank. You set the tanks agro range to a stupid amount like 500. here is what the tank will do:
– if the mob is LoS and within 100 paces, the tank will range pull it just like in base pull.
– if the mob is over 100 paces and there is a valid mq2nav path the tank will first send a melee class after the mob to bring it back. if there are no melee, it will send a pet class, if there is no pet class, you shouldn’t be using multi pull.
– if the mob is over 100 paces, not LoS and no path exists, the tank will ask the healer to pull the mob. If its out of the clerics range, the mob will be skipped and the tank will find something else to piss off.

Database entries for pulling:

DB::lstRangeItem = |ITEM1|ITEM2
DB::strRangeItemCount = # of ranged summon items you want to keep minimum
DB::strRangeOther = Whatever else you want to pull with; Disc, AA, Spell, Item
DB::swPull = (on/off) Turns pulling on or off