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Buffing. Everyones PITA (Pain In The Ass, in case you wondered) subject.

All buffing is based on timers. most in the range of 10-30 seconds for each check depending on the mode


(on/off) or [on|off]
On enables automatic self buffing

(on/off) or [on|off]
On enables automatic item buffing

(on/off) or [on|off]
Buff in combat or not. You have been warned

(on/off) or [on|off]
On enables automatic BC buffing

(on/off) or [on|off]
On enables automatic Raid buffing

(on/off) or [on|off]
On enables automatic /t buffing

(on/off) or [on|off]
On enables automatic self pet buffing

(on/off) or [on|off]
On enables automatic merc buffing

(on/off) or [on|off]
On enables automatic buffing of non boxed players. This should NOT be used unless you want to buff characters you are not boxing in your group

DB entries

DB::lstBuffRemove = |list|of|buffs|to|auto|remove
DB::BuffAAUnity# = (1-7) aa unity buffs. only put the buffs you want to watch for
DB::Buff# = (1-10) name of buff you want to cast
DB::Buff#self = (1-10) T/F buff yourself with this damn thing
DB::Buff#selfCondition = (1-10)
DB::Buff#Alias = (1-10) key words to watch to cast tell buffs (e.g. |surety|voice)
DB::BCBuff#Class = (1-10) shrotname list of classes to use this buff on for broadcasting
DB::RaidBuff#Class = (1-10) shrotname list of classes to use this buff on during raids
DB::ManualBuff#Class = (1-10) shrotname list of clases to use this buff on for mercs and strangers in your group raids
DB::Buff#noBCinRaid = (1-10) disable broacasting this buff during raids
DB::Aura#Spell = (1-2) name of your first aura spell
DB::Aura#Buff = (1-2) name of the aura buff in the aura window
DB::clickItemBuff# = (1-6) click items for buffs

AUTO buffing

there are cases when you want to keep a buff up instantly and 24/7. The following DB entries will do that.

DB::AANow# = (1-2) AA to alwasy keep on
DB::DiscNow# = (1-2) Disc to alwasy keep on
DB::ItemNow# = (1-2) Item to alwasy keep on
DB::swManualAADiscNow = T/F use AA, Disc and Item now while in manual

Forced buffing commands

Force Check and cast missing item click buffs

Force Check and cast self buffs including auras