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Healing is a touch subject. Core handles it in a fairly aggressive manner.

If you are a healer class: CLR, SHM, DRU , when /cc heal is enabled, and one of the following heal methods are enabled, Core heals both inside and outside of combat. When someone is hurt, they will get healed. This combat mode does not require any assist to be functional. It is NOT recommended to use this mode with non healing classes.

healing stuff here….


(on/off) or [on|off]

Self only Healing

(on/off) or [on|off]

CLR,DRU,SHM,PAL,RNG,BST Group Healing switch

(on/off) or [on|off]

CLR,DRU,SHM,PAL,RNG,BST XTarget Healing switch

(on/off) or [on|off]

DRU,SHM,CLR,MAG,BST – pet healing.
CLR,DRU,SHM heal others pets

(on/off) or [on|off] see below

DRU,SHM,CLR,PAL,RNG – use curing spells

Healing/meditation will stop healing at this point. Overrides all healing. This includes class patch healing.

USE THIS WITH CAUTION This control creates a false 100% health/mana positive marker on your healing toon. It changes when they believe they are at 100%. This is a persistent setting, meaning it stays until you change it back.

DB entries
NOTE: class specific heals are located in that class.

DB::clickHealItem = list of clickie heal items. these will be used after all other heal options are exhausted. these are self only
DB::lstNoHeal = list of people to never heal. Some people just suck

Class Heal Points

All classes have access to the healpoint option in their class control. For classes with target-able heals, they can set heal points for all classes and pets. Those classes with no target-able heals are only able to set self heal point.

These points are the primary calculation for how a hurt person is identified and who is chosen to heal first.
– the caster is the base %hurt of the calculation
– worsthurtWeight = (currentHP / classhealpoint) + .classHealpoint
– the character with the highest weight will get healed first.
– this gives characters with a higher healpoint more weight to get healed first. like tanks.


Every class can use the /heal cure switch. Classes that do not have target-able curing spells, will be limited to self cure with items only.

All AA cures are hard coded in and will be used first if they are available.

DB entries

DB::cureCurseItem = clickie to cure cure (self only)
DB::curePoisonItem = clickie to cure poison (self only)
DB::cureDiseaseItem = clickie to cure disease (self only)
DB::cureCorruptItem = clickie to cure corruption (self only)
DB::cureCurse = spell to cure cure
DB::curePoison = spell to cure poison
DB::cureDisease = spell to cure disease
DB::cureCorrupt = spell to cure corruption
DB::noCureList = list of bad buffs to NOT cure


Rezzing is available to all classes in one form or another.

(on/off) or [on|off]
Rez while in combat

(on/off) or [on|off]
Rez Everyone (see notes below)

(on/off) or [on|off]
give rezes (not tokens)

(on/off) or [on|off]
Take Rezes

Range you will watch for corpses in

Minimum % rez yo are willing to accept

(on/off) or [on|off]
Use tokens to rez

DB entries

DB::lstRezToken = list of class short names to use rez tokens on
DB::lstNoRez = list of people we seriously hate…

DB::spellRez = Spell to rez with. Left FALSE, Core will default to the class AA

Rezzing Priorities

  • Clerics: group or Raid
  • Group Members
  • Raid Tanks
  • “other” raid members
  • Guild members not in group or raid
  • Anyone else (requires /rez everyone switch)