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Core controls movement mechanics with 2 commands /movement and /home.


Movement controls some of the basic options both in and out of combat.

Arc controls the amount of face buffer you have to initiate melee or range when facing a target.

If you have it set at 30 you can be 30 degrees off facing a target. Anything above 45 and you cannot range or melee a target.


Moves you behind the target you want deaded.


Fast facing a target

brings all of Crew1, Crew2 or ALL of your characters to you.

moves you to that .. whatever.
aliased:/navto [TARGET|name]

puts you on your mount.. or off. you decided.


The Home command is use to control an XYZ marker you can “lock” a character too. The marker will only be checked while the toon is in automatic mode.

Sets a temporary home marker at the Y, X and Z location from where it is initiated.

A home check is initiated every time a rest is checked for.
The home marker can be released with zoning, a gather or tie call or with /home clear.

Removes a home marker from that character.

Force moves a character back to its home marker.

Creates a small +/- buffer for the home marker.


Simple switch between /home set and /home clear

Home controls are suspended while any active /tie, /movement gather, /movement goto, or /navto is in progress. If a home Marker was established before the movement command was issued, a new Marker will be established once the movement is done.